Our Approach


At Schuster Anderson, we offer a holistic planning approach where we partner with your other professionals (attorney, CPA, property & casualty advisor, real estate and mortgage professionals) to ensure we are working together to help you reach your financial goals.

Financial Readiness Roadmap

When you start working with the team at Schuster Anderson, we’ll go through a Financial Readiness Roadmap process. This process helps us understand your unique goals and dreams and figure out what we can do to help you achieve those goals.

Discover and Align

We meet with you and get to know you, learning about your financial goals and sharing about our services to see where we align.


We dive deeper, uncovering unforeseen obstacles and potential gaps in your current and future planning.

Assess and Strategize

Our advisors begin to assess and strategize what solutions will work best for your unique goals, whether that’s tackling debt, saving for your child’s college education, preparing for retirement, or all of the above.


Finally, we implement those strategies and make adjustments as needed.

With this process, we regularly return to the Assess and Strategize phase as clients experience significant life events and priority shifts. Our plans and recommendations are tailored for your unique needs, so when your needs change — so do the strategies.

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